Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Camden Sanity Brigade blog is not written by the EDL as is claimed by the BNP. It is written by Joe Doyle, Josie Hitchens and Tracy Rawlings.

With regard to the British National Party [BNP] comments that the Camden Sanity Brigade is written by the EDL, due to Islamophobic remarks and threats from the CSB, we should respond that the CSB is written by Tracey Rawlings, Joe Doyle, Josie Hitchens and a convicted Camden High ST drug dealer [who reported activists to the police when the activists retaliated against threats].
Tracey Rawlings has impersonated a number of people online and has quoted a particular "open your eyes" phrase used by others [EDL and the BNP] leading to others including EDL being blamed for the CSB. It is interesting that it has been suggested quite sepearately that all of these groups are MI5 by different people and that both the EDL and Camden Sanity Briagde are Islamophobic.
The Camden Sanity Brigade have written Islamaphobic remarks and veiled threats against Muslims in Camden stating "There is no room in this campaign for you and your Halal butcher".
Both work at Frametastic in High Barnet.
As for the other comments made, we agree that the CSB, APP and EDL are probably MI5.