Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Matthew Gibbons Animal Rights Activist & English Defence League is innocent.

Matthew Gibbons an Animal Rights activist and supporter of the English Defence League was fitted up. Most people can see that.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

The Animal Protection Party send UVF murals as threats.

The Animal Protection Party have been sending UVF murals as threats to AR activists. Why they are doing this we are not sure....

What's odd about this is that an APP member/supporter has an IRA support poster on his facebook.

Animal Protection Party comments about Cancer Research UK

The Animal Protection Party seem to be obsessed with Cancer Research UK.

The APP blog for example. See the section on vivisection.

Tracey Rawlings myspace charitywatch is an attack on Cancer Research UK.

The Camden Sanity Brigade have it in for them too.

We don't think the APP are from CR-UK.....

Vatican ban Novartis. Miranda APP tries to get Pope banned.

Miranda James [Miranda Vegan Pandaqueen] campaigned to stop the Pope coming to the UK.

Could this have anything to do with the fact that the Vatican banned Novartis from their airwaves?


Animal Protection Party member Tracey Rawlings has removed all the APP / SPEAK Political posts from her frametastic website and from her charitywatch myspace!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

There are several people writing shacwatch!

It doesn't take genius to work out that shac and London Animal Rights have now been taken over almost entirely by shacwatch and a cult who believe in aliens : The Animal Protection Party.

It's interesting too that some people never appear on shacwatch and that the perosn writing it is completely mad as are the alien cultists. The Animal Protection Party fronted by Keith Mann believe that the world has been taken over by Annunaki Aliens and quote David Icke at anyone who will listen. The accuse other activists of being aliens. This has nasty hidden depths...who was behind the gang rape of an activist who had a drink laced and was then questioned about a hunting lodge and wa asked who burned it down by the rapists?
Why are SHAC doing nothing to get the shacwatchers out? Why have people listened to the Animal Protection Party and their rubbish about aliens?

There are people in AR who all arrived together and they are infiltrators. People oustside of the movement know that these people are plants, they can see it but why are London Animal Rights and shac doing nothing to get these people out? What does this say about all of them? From shacwatch it is clear that the whole movement has been compromised..due to greed, corruption, falseness and a relationship with money, Big Pharma and MI5.

The Animal Protection Party are a cult...but who is behind it?

Huntingdon Life Sciences?
MI5 and Special Branch?
Infiltrators :

Kerry Duggan ["Love Bomber"]
Josie Hitchens [Josie Rutherford]
Tracey Rawlings
Miranda James
Claire Holliman
Simon [surname]
Adrian Radford
....and more.