Monday, 6 July 2009

Animal Rights Infiltrators

Animal Rights Infiltrators - Who are they?

First of we have SHACWatch. SHACWatch hate SHAC .

Then we have "Charity Watch". Charity Watch is on myspace. They got told off by residents in Camden when they mimicked [rather sneakily] a blog done by a resident as part of an attack on Cancer Research UK created by Charity Watch. The residents found this offensive, were worried that the resident [Tracy Morgan from Kentish town] might get into trouble and asked for it to be removed, which it was. Whoever created Charity Watch has said in messages sent from it that it is someone called Tracey from London animal rights / SPEAK Political doing Charity Watch..the same Tracey [Charity Watch said] who has been accused by activists of "being a cop and an infiltrator". In a statement on Indymedia Tracey Northern retorted "Who gives a fuck who did the blog and I don't want what I'm doing broadcasted all over the net for all and sundry to read. So what if I did it".
Next up we have "The Camden Sanity Brigade" . The Camden Sanity Brigade is run by someone called "Joe". The logo used by "Joe" is a mouse using a human as a "mousemat" a pic found on an "Animal Revenge" site. The Animal Revenge website was used as inspiration for appalling threats made against residents / community campaigners in Camden who were issued rape and death threats as part of an intimidation campaign.

Next we have SPEAK Political now known as the Animal Protection Party.

These ones had an interesting arrival.

SPEAK demos were known for along time as being "fluffy" and even "boring" in their peacefulness. One day this changed during a demo in London :

Enter SPEAK Political.

Activists went as usual on a "boring/fluffy" fluffy SPEAK demo. Today was different. The police were different. Thames Valley Police were in London as were scary and rather big blokes in a Ranger Rover with blacked out windows parked in a side street where the demo was planned. The street was eerily quiet. Activists had done demos here before in the usually busy street, that at the time had a bury building site upon it. Today, however the street had been emptied. The builders were nowhere to be seen and there was no one else. The street had been cleared. We found out afterwards from people working / living in the street that they had been requested by police to stay away from windows during this particular protest. This had never happened before.

This was the atmosphere for the entrance of SPEAK Political who most activists had never seen before. Activists were unexpectedly pushed and shoved, with force and rapidly in a sudden attack by police. There was chaos. People panicked and no one knew what was going on. Suddenly a woman [Carrie] who few had seen before was shoved to the ground..another new activist who like the woman on the ground had appeared as if from nowhere started screaming [This was "Panda" otherwise knownas "Miranda Vegana PandaQueen"] that Carrie was her best friend and that she couldn't bear the sight of her being arrested. Carrrie was arrested spectacular fashion, breasts out in the street. Not long after the big arrest she was released without charge and turned up in the pub where she spilled out her life story..[cover story?] and that of her partner who she described as "a bit of a lad". The rest of the demo proceded in a similar fashion with everyone wondering what the hell was going on.

SPEAK Political was born. They became the "Political Wing" of SPEAK. "They included the newcomers ...Carrie, Miranda PandaQueen and "Tracey Northern". They are a serious professional political party with members [potential councillors] who don't have proper names or surnames.

Eventually SPEAK issued a statement saying that they were not SPEAK Political and that they would be run seperately and that SPEAK Political would not affect the running of SPEAK.

The SPEAK Political crew appear not to like to advertise the groups such as SHAC or SPEAK so wear home made Animal Rights t=shirts. These middle aged women go out of their way to dress as strangely as possible, maybe as a way of discrediting activists.

Rants and attacks against Animal Rights activists on the internet by "Miranda Panda Queen" are
recognisable by her "OMG" statements. She is often joined by Northern Tracy in these attacks.

Over the past couple of years the police have closed down the fundraising stalls as they do not want SHAC and SPEAK to have funds. Strangely the shop run by SPEAK Political [now known as the Animal Protection Party] in Bexley Heath has been allowed to stay open despite "doing well". This is made all the more shocking by the outrageous statement on their blog where they have said that they refuse to condemn sending parcel bombs. Mel Broughton the "head" of SPEAK [SPEAK Political is the political wing of SPEAK remember] is currnetly serving ten years on bombing charges. The police do not see SPEAK Political as a threat however...despite this stance on bombing and a photo of supporter "Miranda Vegan The PandaQueen" posing next to a big sign saying "Bombers". This is after the police shut down "Animal Rights Extremist" fundrasing....hmmm.
It should be pointed out that no Animal Rights activists sent any parcel bombs and that this turned out to be the work of the man known as the "TV Licence Bomber". This has not deterred SPEAK Political / Animal Protection Party from keeping this on their blog.
Having thought about all of this..where DOES this money raised from the shop go? The Party have announced at an open meeting, attended by police that there would be a "safehouse" upstairs from the shop. Many activists were suspicious wondering where they were getting the money from for all this. On one occasion Mel Brought blurted out : "They're political, don't trust them".

Recently Keith Mann and Ronnie Lee joined the group and persuaded them to change their name from SPEAK Political to The Animal Protection Party to avoid confusion with SPEAK.
A bit late don't you think?

The Animal Protection Party now plan on opening more shops. MI5 perhaps coming to a town near you? MI5? Or HLS maybe?

In yet another interesting move, the Camden Sanity Brigade [SHACWatch] have joined forces with "Miranda Vegana PandaQueen" and Tracey Northern.